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Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant

Parwan, Afghanistan
Place Types : Restaurant
Address : Unnamed Road, Kabol, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 34.546071,69.125222
Phone : +93 79 045 5520
Rating : 5
Compound Code : G4WG+C3 Kabul, Afghanistan
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Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant
Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant

What Other Say:

Mr Loveday (08/09/2019)
Good taste! A great bite late at nite
TARIQ Boxer (12/22/2018)

Frequently Asked Questions about Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant:

Where is Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant?

Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant is located at: Unnamed Road, Kabol, Afghanistan

Where are the coordinates of the Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant?


What is the phone number of Enjoy Fast Food Restaurant?

You can contact them by phone number: +93 79 045 5520


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