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Apollonia Visitor Parking Area

Fier, Albania
Place Types : Parking
Address : Pojan, Albania
Coordinate : 40.7236834,19.4656965
Rating : 4
Compound Code : PFF8+F7 Pojan, Albania
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Apollonia Visitor Parking Area
Apollonia Visitor Parking Area
Apollonia Visitor Parking Area
Apollonia Visitor Parking Area
Apollonia Visitor Parking Area

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Bleta Dixhitale (08/13/2018)
The site of Apollonia lay on the territory of the Taulantii, a cluster of Illyrian tribes that remained closely involved with the settlement for centuries and lived alongside the Greek colonists. The city was said to have originally been named Gylakeia after its founder, Gylax, but the name was later changed to honor the god Apollo. Although this wasn't the only city named by the god Apollo. There were 24 other cities named Apollo, but Illyria's Apollo was the most important and played a major role as a trading intermediary between the Hellenists and the Illyrians. It is estimated that the city had about 60,000 inhabitants.
Sławomir Andrysiak (08/22/2020)
Parking in front of the excavations

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Where is Apollonia Visitor Parking Area?

Apollonia Visitor Parking Area is located at: Pojan, Albania

Where are the coordinates of the Apollonia Visitor Parking Area?


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