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Blue Bay Hotel

Vlorë, Albania
Place Types : Bicycle store
Address : SH81 Sarandë AL, Sarandë 9706, Albania
Coordinate : 39.8625679,20.017969
Website :
Phone : +355 69 270 8332
Rating : 5
Compound Code : V279+25 Sarandë, Albania
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Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel
Blue Bay Hotel

What Other Say:

Eliza Sadiku (08/14/2019)
If you are looking for a good, secure and friendly place to stay in Sarandë, I recommend you Hotel Blue Bay the best place that you could ask for. Everything is very good the staf, the rooms, the beach and the view just like a painted picture. You will really enjoy your time here!
jhdba jhdba (10/23/2018)
It's an outstanding hotel the staff speaks a bit Italian Greek Albanian and English it's amazing the staff are very kind and very nice people the rooms are cleaned and the breakfast is very good and delicious the beach is very good the water is clean and you don't have to pay for the beds. 10/10.
Asdaser (09/20/2018)
Hotel was nothing special, idk if its worth the money... but has a small private beach and car parking... free wifi on the beach also
Kristoffer Simensen (07/29/2018)
Basic, but with a nice private beach and very helpful staff.
Boel Axelsson (10/06/2017)
Nice hotel, clean! A small beach right infront of the hotel. Great view from almost all the rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Bay Hotel:

Where is Blue Bay Hotel?

Blue Bay Hotel is located at: SH81 Sarandë AL, Sarandë 9706, Albania

Where are the coordinates of the Blue Bay Hotel?


What is the phone number of Blue Bay Hotel?

You can contact them by phone number: +355 69 270 8332

What is the website of Blue Bay Hotel?

The Blue Bay Hotel website is

What is the opening hours of Blue Bay Hotel?

Blue Bay Hotel is open

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