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Hotel Oasis

Vlorë, Albania
Place Types : Bicycle store
Address : Rruga Naim Frashëri, Sarandë, Albania
Coordinate : 39.8616062,20.0197858
Website :
Phone : +355 69 445 4995
Rating : 4
Compound Code : V269+JW Sarandë, Albania
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Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis

What Other Say:

EUREKA TRAINING (08/30/2020)
Amazing panorama! Of ionaian sea Cleaning staff,perfect ! Large parking Good breakfast,and Dinner also
Nika Fadeeva (06/18/2020)
Very kind owners, thank you for hosting us with the dog. Good breakfast included in the rate
Danny Al (07/21/2019)
Best hotel in Saranda, amazing staff and awsome hotel it has everything you could want. Thanks Oasis
Frida Karlsson (07/26/2019)
Very nice hotel with friendly staff!
Дијана A. (08/08/2017)
Wonderful place to be.We enjoyed every minute here. The room was very clean and comfortable. We had a sea view room and the view is breathtaking. The service is great,extremely friendly and helpful staff.Highly recommend it to everyone visiting Saranda.!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel Oasis:

Where is Hotel Oasis?

Hotel Oasis is located at: Rruga Naim Frashëri, Sarandë, Albania

Where are the coordinates of the Hotel Oasis?


What is the phone number of Hotel Oasis?

You can contact them by phone number: +355 69 445 4995

What is the website of Hotel Oasis?

The Hotel Oasis website is

What is the opening hours of Hotel Oasis?

Hotel Oasis is open

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