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محطة افريقيا

Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco
Place Types : Gas station
Address : Ouarzazate 45000, Morocco
Coordinate : 30.9246383,-6.9336551
Rating : 3.3
Compound Code : W3F8+VG Ouarzazate, Morocco
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محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا
محطة افريقيا

What Other Say:

Yassine Korchi (11/12/2019)
omar oualguirah (02/07/2021)
Fuel poor quality mixed with water.
KIM DB (07/07/2019)
He did not even have paper / newspaper so I could wipe my windshield, not to mention the way the pump attendant was talking to us, hence the rating is a message to the managers, to the customers most important is that your tank is full 😋
elhoussaine elgader (09/29/2020)
Oppo Phone (03/13/2020)
Good sevice for all

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